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As members of an international network of firms, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive VAT advisory service, which covers not only transactions in Spain but also abroad through our PlatformVAT application.
Outsourcing of tax obligations
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The advantages of a collaborative tool

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Share your documentation, consult network collaborators,
establish work routines and monitor tasks online.

Gathering the necessary information

Easily share and manage the information required to comply with periodic obligations in the different countries.

Automation of routines

Ensure greater efficiency, speed and performance by the different PlatformVAT users.

Online monitoring of tasks

Control compliance with routines and pending tasks in the different countries online.

Smooth and instant communication

Thanks to support from new technologies and the internet. Our private intranet provides registered users with secure access to an advanced panel of features.

Your online tax advisor

Optimise your enquiries and documentation submissions thanks to our easy-to-access, intuitive and always available platform.

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Service details

  • With so many companies growing their businesses globally it is hard to find companies of any size that are not somehow affected by the resulting VAT problems.
  • For companies operating within the EU or in third countries, indirect taxation can prove quite problematic when taking into account the significant number of variables involved in these transactions, many of which have implications in terms of the current VAT regulations in the different countries.
  • As such, it is fundamental that companies:

    • Are familiar with the VAT regulations in the different countries in which VAT is applicable to their operations.
    • Can evaluate the implications of these regulations so that they can implement the necessary administrative and control routines.
    • Have access to support from specialised professionals in the different jurisdictions where their international operations take place.

In order to guarantee smooth communication and make sure that companies have access to all of the necessary information, we provide these services through our collaborative work application, which also enables the automation of routines and facilitates online monitoring of pending tasks.


Why is a comprehensive advisory service important when dealing with international VAT problems?

Global operations involving different jurisdictions often result in problems of an equally global nature, requiring expert advice on each of the affected jurisdictions. Our “one-stop” comprehensive service uses new technologies to centralise the provision of global expert advice.

My company already has a tax department. Why would it need an external advisory service?

When dealing with different jurisdictions, different languages and different administrative practices that are subject to ever-changing regulations, it is fundamental to be able to count on external support from professionals specialised in each of the jurisdictions, whether you are just looking for a second opinion or if your company requires personal assistance with an injunction procedure.

What are the advantages of our comprehensive service?

The main advantage of our comprehensive service is its “one-stop” nature. We can provide our clients with advice on several jurisdictions through our single online platform (PlatformVAT) thanks to coordination with our local representatives.

Is it a costly service?

The price will depend on the scope of the work and we can provide a budget that is fully tailored to meet the client’s needs. Before formally accepting the service, we will inform clients of the service rates and they will also receive a quote and an estimation of the applicable fees.

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To ensure a more efficient service provision we have developed our own collaborative online work tool, PlatformVAT.
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